Counselling, EMDR, Regressions, IFS, Somatics, Transformational Breathwork, TCM and Massages near Castelo Branco, Portugal

Hi. I‘m Je'he Ulrich, a holistic body-mind-practitioner. My services are available in person near Freixial do Campo, Central Portugal, or partially online. 


I am a naturopath (Heilpraktiker) certified 2011 in Germany, where I had a clinic with my specialisations in trauma therapy, acupuncture and massage therapy.


I prefer to keep my work on the simple basis of balanced giving and receiving. Hence a financial compensation for my work is a matter of what works for you and for me, without fixed prices.

We all experience incredible happenings with our physical existences. To find the way to heal and to thrive can be more than challenging at times. This healing path really is a lifelong journey. Yet it can be awesome and full of breakthroughs and magical transformation. The right support can help you expand and enliven the inner space of transformation.

As a practitioner and as a human experiencer on Earth I believe that it’s all about core emotions actually, we usually just don’t want to see that. I practice the different fields of my work with a sensitivity for that. Different techniques and tools for healing can blend together over this common denominator, allowing for the most effective and transformative therapy.



Counseling and Trauma Coaching

Conscious Transformational Breathwork


Acu-Point Treatments (TCM)


Massages / Somatics

the holistic approach

"anything that unfolds in this web of life is never separate nor senseless"

Holistic healing ways generally have the objective of supporting self-regulation to come to a state of a stronger equilibrium and a higher biological functioning. This implies that true healing comes from the powers that are inherent to you, always. Both physiologically and psychologically the inner resources of regenerative capabilities are always there, a given, as they are in the nature of life itself.


But what is needed for healing to unfold is the release of that which blocks the free flow of energy (chi), and brought the system out of balance.


On the basis of this principle the ancient Chinese had developed acupuncture, and it this same principle which underlies the neurological phenomena of trauma development and trauma healing.


To transform the hardship and misery of life into an evolutionary leap which makes you stronger and more balanced within, therefore greatly depends on the realisation and  mobilisation of one's inherent resources, breaking the cycles of trauma. This pertains to both bodily and emotional dis-ease, as body and mind are really one system.

Life is like a stream

that flows.

The water flows

around the rocks.

They are not obstacles

but produce swirls and vortices

that enliven the stream

to be vital and happy.


Loloma Retreats

To find out more about the retreats that I facilitate in co-creation with Lenzea Rivera, take a look at our retreat website Insta: loloma_rise

Next retreat: 18-21 April 2024 at the beautiful Essencia Nature Retreat, Aljezur, Algarve, Portugal. 
The first day 18.4. is also a day event (•A Somatic Joorney•)